Daisy Pettles: Women’s Comedy & Mystery

Episode 4 – Cops, Coroners, Bag of Bones – Ghost Busting Mystery

November 7, 2019

As RJ and Veenie describe their eerie findings inside the haunted mansion, Devon, the junior sheriff arrives. The law doesn't believe our intrepid old lady detectives as they describe what they saw in the mansion, but that doesn’t daunt them. April the coroner arrives and bags bones and evidence for a crime analysis. Excited by their finds, Veenie decides the detective agency should arrange for a séance to call out the spirits. Click in on this episode of Ghost Busting Mystery to learn about the eerie possibility of a century-old murder in the mansion.

Narration: Layce Gardner, award-winning playwright and novelist, as PI Ruby Jane Waskom (and everybody else too).

Sound Bytes: Zapsplat

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