Daisy Pettles: Women’s Comedy & Mystery

Episode 5: Emergency Pie - Ghost Busting Mystery

November 7, 2019

Weak as kittens, and addled from their time at the spooky mansion, RJ and Veenie stop at Ma and Peepaw Horton’s emergency pie shed for fortification, and a bit of local gossip. Ma tells the story of Jedidiah Wyatt, the mansion owner, a banker who robbed Knobby Waters and fled with a fortune more than a century ago. Eavesdrop on this episode of Daisy Pettles' Shady Hoosier Detective Agency to learn why Ma urges our senior detectives to consult Queet, the town librarian.

Narration: Layce Gardner, award-winning playwright and novelist, as PI Ruby Jane Waskom (and everybody else too).

Sound Bytes: Zapsplat

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